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We are Trust Deed Investors looking for deals in Southern California. We are trust deed investors who work with licensed brokers on all of our deals. KAMM Resources, Inc. recognizes the important role brokers play in our business and we value and appreciate your decision to work with us.

KAMM Resources Inc is always looking to lend money out to investors. Most of the people are always willing to pay for convenience and speed. Our private money fulfills this need in both ways.

Our years of structuring experience gives us the EDGE. Even if you think your deal may not work, contact us anyway. We are experts at private money loans. Everything you want for your Borrower, creative structuring, innovative financing, we think outside the box.

Private funding allows for fast financing solutions for real estate investors who are in need of immediate cash to close deals as soon as possible. The entire process is simple. Depending on the situation, a loan can usually be fully funded in 10 days or less after all of the paperwork is submitted. Our fast funding time table allows our clients to close deals on time.

If you are a broker and would like more information or are interested in partnering with us, subscribe to our brokers email list below or call us at 541-400-9940.

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